The hilarious, the beautiful, and the adorable.

I’m really not feeling the Oxford comma in this title. Whatever. Gotta stay consistent. Could be my bad title skills more than the Oxford comma’s fault.

This post features three things I found on the interwebs this week. Let’s just start right off with a quote:

“I think we should at least CONSIDER the possibility that the troll was in the bathroom because he had to take a dump. That’s all I’m saying.”

What is that you ask? That is Muggle Hustle. (And a choice Oxford comma quote can be found at the start of book one). Basically this 24 year old guy had never read Harry Potter, so he’s been tweeting his reactions to the books as he reads them, similar to Alex Day’s vlogging of Twilight (which is also absolutely hilarious, so you should definitely watch those videos as well).  It started as a twitter and is now this mad awesome website that has all of his tweets listed in order. He finished tweeting the 5th book on October 3rd (and yes, a Mean Girls reference was worked in), and I’ve just started reading through book two on the website (HI MOM I’M TOTALLY DOING WORK AT COLLEGE I SWEAR), so I’ve picked out some choice quotes for you:

Book 1:

“But seriously, this point system is so arbitrary. +5 for taking down a bathroom troll and -50 FOR BEING OUT OF BED.”

“We get it, Ronan. Mars is bright tonight. DID YOU SEE WHO’S BEEN MURDERING THE UNICORNS OR NOT?”

Book 2:

“Between Dobby losing it every 3 seconds and Hedwig waking up and banging against the bars, I think we are deviating from the noise plan.”

“Floo powder seems about the same as going down a giant pipe in Mario. But without all the offensive Italian-American stereotypes.”

“When it comes to Lucius and Draco, the douche apple doesn’t fall far from the barf tree.”

And skipping ahead to the end of Book 5:

“CH 37: Harry gets the behind-the-scenes DVD commentary of the last 5 books, and Neville dodges a pretty big bullet.”

“So they have two divination Profs? That’s killing 0 birds with 15 stones.”

“The Order is having words with Durlseys. They’re like ‘You can’t keep treating Harry like men have obviously treated Adele her whole life.'”

Basically I’ve just been reading this website/Twitter and loling in my room. My roommate’s reaction:

“Are you still geeking out?” [continued laughter from my bed] “I have a. Crazy. Roommate.”


Basically, y’all should hit that shit up. Lolz all around.


Onwards to the beautiful, AKA more stunning photos from my bro’s blog (the amount of WordPress pinback notifications he must get from me…). His latest post’s photos are particularly jaw dropping. Here’s a preview:

I KNOW RIGHT?! Just beautiful.

Also, this was a pretty cute shot:

Well done, Ian. Proud sis over here.


And now to close with the adorable. This website boasted to have the Cutest Kitten in the World, so of course, being the cat expert that I am, I had to check it out.



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